To create a community where hackers
come together and contribute, play, learn, hack...


Comunity #1

The first and foremost goal of KWAD space is to buid a knowledge rich and trusted community. That is something which makes us unique in our approach compared to other spaces in this area.


A place to grow yourself

Our aim is that this hackerspace is a place where you can learn, contribute, experiment, and grow your knowledge, skills, social circle, and more..


A place to network

Where there is a trusted commnity, there is bound to be collaboration, and that is a good way to meet new people, many who could teach you something, or learn from you..


Joining our family

We take pride in our Community #1 approach; hence joining us is not pay-and-play; we wish to keep our community highly valued and trusted, so the joining process happens in 3 steps.


Step 1: Application

The first step to joining us is the Membership Form. Complete and send that and you will receive a response from us in no more then 7 days.

  • Keep in mind, in the spirit of a trusted community, we require two existing members to endorse new members.
  • There is a possibility to join our Weekly round-table discussions, to introduce yourself and get to know current members.
  • In your application emphasise on your backgound, why you wish to join this space, and feel free to mention anything that you feel might be relevant to introducing yourself.
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Step 2: Say Hi!

Once your application has been processed, we send you an invite to join one of our member meetings, where you can introduce yourself to everyone, get to know them a bit more. The aim is to present yourself in person, where you can perhaps better express yourself than on paper.

  • Bear in mind most of the members probably don't know you, and would love to get to know you. So introduce yourself!
  • Feel free to express yourself, it's best to be as open as possible.
  • On this meeting you announce you want to become a member and which members are endorsing you.
  • Note: This meeting is simply an announcement/introduction. Your membership won’t be discussed further, and no decision about it will be made during this meeting.

Step 3: Voting

After the introduction and seeing your application, a vote is held among the members.

  • Voting is held on the next member meeting after the one in which you introduce yourself (from step 2).
  • The voting follows the same principle of 'unless anyone says no', so default answer is yes unless someone objects.
  • It is not necessary for you to be present during the meeting, the result will be conveyed to you electronically.

The Foundation

The founding idea of KWAD space was and is to have a strong and knowledgeable community. Since the foundation we have been following the structure described in the Hackerspace Blueprint linked below.
Some of the key points from that are:

  • The Do-ocracy - If you want something done: Just do it!
  • The “provided nobody says no” approach - this intentionally favors the “yes” vote, and “no“ votes only happen when it is really important.
Read the Hackerspace Blueprint
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We will soon make a video introducing KWAD space, stay tuned.
Till then; enjoy the Yule Log!

Membership Pricing

You donate the amount based on what you use and the value you receive.
  • Access to KWAD space and its services.
  • Member of the Non-Profit with voting rights in the general assembly.
MTÜ Voting Member
minimum monthly.
You could donate more as you see fit.
  • Access to KWAD space and its services.
  • Member of the Non-Profit with voting rights in the general assembly.

Weekly round-table on Wednesday's at 18:00 on Discord.
Weekly round-table is an event open to everyone, you can come and say Hi, get to know the members, and meet new people.